Monthly Archives: June 2015

Keep It Swimple Silly

Yes, SWIMPLE . . . it’s a thing now!

I’m sure almost every first blog begins something like, “I wasn’t sure how to start.” Like so many moms I wear a number of hats, Mom, wife, publisher, editor, author, teacher, maid, laundress, referee . . . the list could go on for days. So when my husband said I should blog the questions (and excuses) started. Who do I want to be? What do you share? Where do I start? When will I find the time? Why is this a good idea?

Then, while purchasing goggles for my four year old, I realized, “It doesn’t have to be so complicated, it’s swimple really!” And as our family kept playing with the word “swimple”, everything from “Baby be a swimple, kind of man” to “Swimple is as swimple does”, I knew that I should blog what I know, books and fun!

So stay tuned for my latest book reviews, I just finished Fairestfrom the Lunar Chronicles. And our latest at home projects . . . are you ready for “Thumb Theatre”?

PS The goggles work great, I would highly recommend them, for swimming, and for inspiration!