Two Short Reviews: Nicole Hansen’s Work for Young Readers

Thank you for your kind words about my books!

Being Southern Somewhere Else

Kids Count, by Nicole and Tevin Hansen
This is a wonderful book for introducing young children to basic numbers. Suitable for pre-K and Kindergarten classes, it incorporates interesting, vividly colored illustration paired with easy-to-remember text. From the standpoint of anthropology, pre-literate cultures that rely on memorization and verbal transmission of knowledge use a similar technique–rhyming and simple syllables. Similarly, introducing young children to contextualized words, concepts, and images helps them to form a sound foundation upon which to build strong reading and literacy skills at later stages.
The Thumb Book, by Nicole and Tevin Hansen
I really enjoyed this title, and think it’s an excellent way to teach kids to keep a positive outlook on life. Kids can be cruel, saying unkind things to their peers. However, by following the simple examples in this book, your children can learn to find the positive twist for any unkind comment. Plus, it…

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