Guess Who? is EVIL.

Sometimes you just have to roll with it!

Dude In A Badger Hat

Guess Who? vs. Your Sanity 

WARNING TO PARENTS: playing the game Guess Who? with your small child is a dangerous and miserable experience. Trust me. Although you will attempt to explain it to him/her, how the box states 5 YEARS AND UP, your two-year-old will demand you play that one, disregarding the fact that there are many, many other board games to choose from.

When the tears subside (theirs, for now; yours will come later) and you absolutely must partake in this nightmarish activity, make sure you are playing it on the carpet–the softer the better. If you play it on your hardwood floors, or on a table, your child’s asinine questions/constant changing of characters/attempting to explain how the game actually works, etc…you will soon be repeatedly bashing your sleep-deprived cranium on the nearest solid object.

I liken it to running a hundred meter dash inside a…

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