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To the grown-up man my little boy will become

As I lay in bed, snuggling with my little guy, I realized that one day he would be a grown-up man. And I decided that there were a few things I wanted to tell the older version of this little person beside me. There are things from this stage of his life that I want him to take into adulthood. Things to hold on to when the storms of life bombards him.

  1. Remember looking at the little things. Every rock, every bug, every bird in the sky.
  2. Keep asking questions and keep finding answers. Never settle for half-truths.
  3. Remember the simple joy of running and jumping, of singing and dancing to the rhythm of the world inside your imagination.
  4. Remember that sometimes life is like a giant heavy duty cardboard box (like the one you played with when you were 3 years old). Somedays you need a “boat” to float down the river and explore far away places. Other days you need a “house,” with a roof over your head to keep you safe from the raging storm outside. Just flip it upside down, little man. That box can be whatever you need it to be.
  5. Be kind.
  6. Be happy.
  7. Be brave.
  8. Be yourself, because that is enough.


In the spirit of the fast-approaching Halloween season, my “review” this week is mostly a throw back classic that we’ve already read at least 50 times since September 1st,  The Spooky Old Tree by Stan and Jan Berenstain.


This book is full of spooky fun. It’s also a very nice early reader book, that actually keeps your little reader entertained!

My favorite memory of this book happened at the Lincoln Carnegie Library in Lincoln KS. Miss Mary, the children’s librarian, set up a story time featuring this book where the kids actually got to go on an adventure through the library acting out the story. She even had a big brown ottoman so that the kids could climb over “Great sleeping bear”.

This book is a classic and not just a Halloween staple. We read it ALL the time, especially at Halloween! So grab your stick, rope, and light and snuggle in for a great spooky book!




I long to be “Just a stay at home mom”

I long to be”Just a Stay at Home Mom”, but I don’t think that hypothetical unicorn exists. I long for her, though.

You see, we homemakers are a tough bunch. We are chauffeurs, short-order chefs, maids, teachers, lawn-care technicians. We are office assistants, schedulers, organizers. we get you where you need to be, fed, clothed, and with the appropriate sporting gear . . . most of the time.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, we must also be, clever, crafty, funny. We must blog, start our own businesses, and spread the joy of glitter to the world in unique videos showing everyone just how awesome we are.

I’d like to blame social media, or feminism, or men in general, but the fact is that these over-expectations, come from ourselves. Because in our heads being “just a stay at home mom” isn’t enough. But I want to tell you something, “It is.” And you know what else is enough? Being a working mom, being a work-from-home mom, being any kind of mom, it’s enough.

I am right there in the middle of this mix, perpetuating every single over-expectation. I AM a homemaker, I own my own publishing house ( . . . check it out), obviously I blog, and I make super-cute, crafty videos involving something called Thumb Theatre. But I’m also “just a mom” trying my best to do this amazing job that I’ve been blessed with to the best of my ability.

I am trying to be present for my kids, for my husband, for my family. And it’s enough, I am enough . . . you are enough.

This post is directed at moms, but in reality, it probably resonates to everyone in general. Should you strive to be the best you that you can be? Yes, a million times, YES! Keep exploring and learning and growing. Just don’t let other people tell you what that “best you” looks like.


No book review for this post, it’s enough . . . just as it is.