#1246—8 – ALEXIA & MELVIN, Books 1 to 3 by Tevin Hansen

This is my husband, Tevin’s latest chapter book series, Hairytale Adventures! Thanks Kid Lit Review for the fantastic review!

Kids Lit Review

Book 1: The Birthday Bear
978-1-947854-88-8 — 108 Pages
Book 2: The Museum Guide
978-1-947854-93-2 — 112 Pages
Book 3: The Zookeeper
9978-1647030087 — 118 Pages
Written by Tevin Hansen
Handersen Publishing 2/03/2020
Chapter Books  Age 7—10

Genre:  Chapter Books, Fiction
Themes: Brown Bears, Impostors, Bullies

#1 The Birthday Bear [1246]

Can a bully be a friend?

Alexia is the smartest girl in her class, and she knows it. When she is invited to the school bully, Melvin’s birthday party, she has to use all her brainpower to save her classmates from a hungry IMPOSTER. (from back cover)

Opening Sentences
“My name is Alexia. But all it took was one kid at school to call me ‘Alex,’ and then everyone made fun of me.”

Why I like The Birthday Bear
Melvin and his buddies are bullies and Alexia is one of his favorite…

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